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Vertical Platform Lift

Drive System: Screw / Hydraulic

Installation: Outdoor / Indoor

Speed: 0.15m/s

Load Capacity: up to 400kg

Power Supply: Single Phase, 20A

Pit Depth: 50mm - 130mm

Overrun: 2450mm - 2700mm

Compliance: EN81-41

Accessibility Lift: Feature

Stair Lift

Installation: Outdoor and Indoor

Power supply: Single Phase, 20A

Load Capacity: 190kg - 325kg

Speed: 0.07m/s, (0.13m/s with increased speed version

Rail: Single rail made of aluminum or twin aluminum rail (RAL 9006), max length 40m

Safety: Anti impact / anti shearing devices on the machine body. 

Compliance: EN81-40 (2006/42/EC


Access BDD

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