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Modernisation is the process of upgrading certain parts of a lift so that it is able to utilise newer technology, increasing efficiency and user safety. In certain cases, you may also wish to consider a complete overhaul of your lift.

Reasons that you should modernize your lift.

Giving your lift a new lease of life

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What needs to be modernised?

Replace or upgrade safety critical components such as…

Controller equipment

Hoist machines

Electrical wiring

Governor systems

Additional safety features (up to par with current Codes and Standards)

New lift components which require less maintenance

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8 items that increase the safety of the lifts

Recommended by BCA

Ascending Car Overspeed Protection (ACOP)

Stops the lift car in the event of uncontrolled upwards overspeeding.

Unintended Car Movement Protection (UCMP)

Arrests unintended movement of the lift car away from the landing
zone, which prevents passengers from getting hurt while entering or
exiting the lift car.

Slacken Governor Rope Electrical Safety Device

Monitors the status of the governor rope — if the rope slackens beyond its allowable limits, it will initiate a stop of the lift car movement

Light Curtains as a Door Protective Device, with Its Nudging Mode

Allows lift doors to reopen when an obstruction is detected in between, without touching the obstruction.

Electrical Safety Interlocking for Multi-Panel Door

Ensures that multi-paneled lift cars can move only if all panels have
been fully closed.

Car Apron

Prevents passengers from falling into the lift pit during emergency
evacuation, when the car has stopped above the lift landing.

Telephone, Intercom System or Other Communication Device

Enables notification or direct communication with personnel who can
activate an emergency response, allowing them to ascertain the condition of passengers and provide reassurance.

Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)

Enables the lift to automatically move to the nearest floor and allow trapped passengers to exit the lift, in the event of power failure.

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