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Type of Opening: All in line, Dual

Door Config: Vertical Bi Parting, Floor Bi Parting or Swing type

Power supply: Single or 3 Phase, 20A - 40A

Load Capacity: 50kg - 500kg

Speed: 0.15m/s to 0.3 m/s

Cabin Interior: Stainless Steel

Number of stops: 02 - 08

Compliance: MOM

Dumbwaiter and Material Hoist: Feature

Material Hoist

Type of Opening: All in line, Dual and Adjacent

Door Config: Swing or Roller Shutter

Drive System: Traction, Hydraulic

Power supply: 3 Phase, 40A -60A

Load Capacity: 250kg - 2000kg

Speed: 0.1m/s to 0.3m/s

Finishes: Stainless Steel or Powder Coated

Pit: 130mm (min) or Raise height with Ramp

Overhead: 2400mm (min)

Number of stops: 02 - 05

Compliance: MOM

Vertical Conveyor 

Vertical Lift Conveyor is a piece of specialize equipment to quickly transport pallet to different levels. Vertical lift conveyor can be combined with horizontal conveyor system to increase the efficiency in the warehouse.

Our pallet lifter is specially designed to offer excellent durability and is easy to install in both new and existing facilities. 

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