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Maintenance services

Maintain| Repair | Modernise

We are able to maintain all types of lifts of most brands

Preventive maintenance

We offer standard and comprehensive maintenance package that cater to your needs. Emergency Callback comes as standard.

Remote Monitoring System

With technology advancement, we are able to monitor the lift performance, with the data collected, AI is able to predict impending faults and recommend remedy before the lift breakdown, greatly increase the cost efficiency of the lift in the long run.

Breakdown Response and Repair

Our in-house callback technician are on 24hour standby daily to respond to any emergency callback within 30mins upon activation and they are supported by our repair team to ensure the lift can put back in operation as soon as possible.

Modernization Upgrade

Our maintenance team includes a team of engineer specialize in modernization the lift, upgrading the critical parts of the elevator in order for it to be able to handle new technology, have better performance, improve safety, and even give the aesthetics an up-to-date appeal.


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