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Home and Passenger Lift

Our home and passenger lift is designed to be compact and does not require a motor room, ensuring maximum cabin space in the tightest shaft. This makes it ideal for constraint living spaces without compromising.

We have a wide range of designs and different selection of materials to match the interior design theme of the building.

Goods & Service Lift

Our Goods lift are designed for heavy tonnage, high frequent use and for special conditions.

Our previous projects include clean room lifts designed for handling operations in a clean room and explosion proof lift for hazardous environment.

Goods Lift.jpg

Accessibility Lift

Our Vertical platform lift offer minimalist design. The operation is quiet and clean. It is design to take up little headroom, pit and air well space makes it easily installed in most spaces.

Our Stair and Chair lift is other option that is ideal for spaces that does not allow the installation of a vertical platform lift.

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We are also expert in

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Car Lift and Mechanized Car Park

We design lift to transport vehicles to different level which is usually combined with mechanized car parking system capable of double the capacity of existing car parks.

We also design our car lift for land residents without mechanized car park.

Dumbwaiter and Material Hoist

Dumbwaiter and Material hoist are of the simplest lift design to carry goods. It is ideal for restaurant, office, warehouse and shophouses.

Our dumbwaiter and material hoist offer excellent durability with little maintenance.

Scissor table.jpg

Scissor Table

Our scissor table is a versatile lifting equipment to lift material of a short height. It is compact and highly customizable to different size and capacity. It comes with safety options such as  bellow, flap, railing and gates.

Our Products: Features
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