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2024 Elevator Design Trends for Your Home Lift Singapore

Updated: May 12

2024 is ushering in a new wave of captivating interior design trends. Following the finale of the popular TV show Succession in 2023, the "Quiet Luxury" trend continues to extend to interior designs. Meanwhile, Pinterest anticipates a 2024 trend that features metallic elements. This trend includes surreal, gleaming metallic finishes that elevate home spaces.

succession finale belift

As we explore more 2024 interior design trends, let's consider how these trends could be reflected in your home lift designs. With personalised styling options, home lifts transcend mere functionality, becoming essential design elements. We shouldn't confine our imagination and aesthetic expression to living spaces; let's extend it to home lifts as well. Aligning your home lift designs with the overall home design style could help achieve synergy and create a cohesive living experience.

Let's first explore some of these interior design trends and understand their implications for home lift design. We aim to create a perfect living experience that balances aesthetics and functionality.

In the dynamic home design landscape of 2024, our journey begins with a nod to the timeless concept of Quiet Luxury. Inspired by the lifestyle and fashion of the hit TV show Succession, this trend extends beyond fashion to infuse home design with simplicity and quality. Renowned interior designer Jake Arnold highlights this shift, stating that classic, high-quality pieces remain central to Quiet Luxury, forming the foundation for building any room. Think of this trend as creating a tranquil oasis where every element in your home whispers understated sophistication.

quiet luxury interior design

Next, Mono-Rooms is about the art of minimalism, layering single-hue in home spaces. Walls, furniture, and decorations in the same hues, textures, silhouettes take centre stage. This approach can be applied to both simple and more complex spaces.

mono-rooms interior design

Then, get ready to be dazzled by the return of metallic finishes! Chrome, steel, and aluminium add a touch of glamour to your home, echoing Pinterest's "Hot Metals" board for 2024. David Michon, author of the Substack newsletter "For Scale", sees this trend as a departure from the earthy tones of the early 2020s. But don't discount these finishes as purely industrial. As Michon points out, referencing Milan's Concorde with its extensive use of stainless steel, "steel simply reflects." This versatility allows metals to complement any desired atmosphere.

metallic finishes interior design

Finally, we embrace warmth and coziness with Dark Wood. Whether through genuine wood panels or alternatives like faux bois, this trend has the power to elevate any space. Imagine the transformative effect of rich, dark wood, infusing a touch of cozy charm into your design.

faux bois interior design

Now, let's explore how to align your home lift designs with these design trends. Home lifts in recent years go beyond utility and also play the role of a design statement in your home. It's a personal journey to create a cohesive living space. Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of quiet luxury or the coolness of a metallic vibe, your elevators can be designed in the same style and become a mini-masterpiece, complementing your living space's aesthetics.

BELIFT, a vertical transportation solution provider based in Singapore, goes beyond the conventional by providing a comprehensive range of services, from supply and installation to meticulous maintenance and timely repairs. BELIFT offers a wide range of stunning cabin styling options, along with expert design consultations to seamlessly integrate your elevator with your interior vision. You can achieve any design trends or styles with the personalisation options BELIFT offers.

Quiet Luxury: Opulence Style

Achieve the essence of Quiet Luxury's understated elegance with our home lifts in Opulence Style. Delicate touches of decorative metal enhance your home lift with elevated luxury and sophistication. There are eight stunning colour texture options available, including bronze aluminium and plex gold, seamlessly matching your overall home design. The timeless elegance of marble flooring creates an ambiance that never goes out of date.

opulence style home lift belift

Mono-rooms: Contemporary Style

Our contemporary style offers a sleek and minimal monotone aesthetic. It comes with eight colour options. White, grey, and black shades are always safe and classic options.

contemporary style home lift belift

Metal: Metallic Style

Elevate the look and feel of any space with the durability and glamour of metal. Choose the Metallic Style, various material options, sandblasted, non-directional, and satin stainless steel.

metallic style home lift belit

Dark Wood: Timber Style

Embrace the warmth of natural wood with our Timber Style. Select from a variety of ceiling and wall panels to infuse your home with warmth and cosiness.

timber style home lift belift

The 2024 interior design trends, from the timeless elegance of Quiet Luxury to bold metallic finishes, offer refreshing home design inspirations. With BELIFT's personalised home lift styling options, this design journey goes beyond the living spaces. You can blend your home elevator with the same design aesthetic for a unique living experience. BELIFT is here to assist you in creating a personalised home lift solution. Contact us today.

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