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Glimpse Into The Office: Celebrating Lunar New Year at BELIFT

Fireworks light up the night sky, red packets filled with blessings are exchanged, and families gather for joyous reunions. The Lunar New Year is significant in various cultures, observed by billions worldwide. In Singapore, a vibrant melting pot of cultures, the occasion holds immense importance, symbolising fresh beginnings, family ties, and the promise of good fortune.

At BELIFT, embracing cultural celebrations like the Lunar New Year is a testament to our commitment towards fostering a positive work environment, closely reflecting our values. These festivities underscore our dedication to anticipating and understanding the diverse needs of our team, ensuring everyone feels included and valued. Additionally, they exemplify our approach to solving problems together with respect and humility, as organising and participating in these events strengthens our teamwork. Through such celebrations, we honour diversity and cultivate a supportive, vibrant workplace culture.

In this vibrant Year of the Dragon, BELIFT gathered our amazing team and partners for a festive celebration. Ecreative Catering served up a delectable spread ever so characteristic of large reunion meals around the table. It wasn’t just about the food and drink, connecting with everyone, sharing stories and building relationships that go beyond the office walls. It was a chance to reconnect and reinforce the sense of community that makes BELIFT a great place to work.

Our key stakeholders were given a tour of our newly redesigned office, led by Benson. The transformation of the office, carried out by Knock Knock Studio, symbolises our commitment to innovation and creativity. Knock Knock Studio, named for their philosophy of "knocking down doors" to enable open communication and endless possibilities between clients and designers, shares our belief in creating spaces that have a positive impact. Through our choice of Knock Knock Studio for our office redesign, we show our aim to create an inspiring environment that motivates and empowers our team and clients.

Celebrating cultural events like Lunar New Year is more than just a fun activity at BELIFT. It's a fundamental part of our commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work environment.

Moving forward, we extend an invitation for you to delve deeper into understanding BELIFT. Discover our culture, appreciate our values, and explore the vibrant career opportunities we present. Visit our website for a comprehensive understanding of our identity and what distinguishes us from the rest.


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