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Maximising Space: Compact Home Lift Solutions for Landed Homes

Updated: May 12

In Singapore's vibrant yet space-constrained urban environment, clever solutions for maximising residential layouts are essential. This is not only true for high-rise building homeowners, but also for landed homeowners seeking vertical transportation solutions, as they might face challenges like limited space or lift installation limitations.

The compact home lift is an ideal solution for limited space. As a trusted provider of vertical transportation solutions based in Singapore, BELIFT recognises the unique needs of Singaporean landed homeowners.

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Lift Installation Considerations in Singapore

BELIFT is a Singapore-based lift company that provides comprehensive lift solutions tailored to your needs. In this blog, we will provide a guide on everything you need to know about acquiring a compact home lift in Singapore. We explore regulatory considerations, benefits, and showcase space-saving compact home lift types and design possibilities.

In general, homeowners of detached landed houses and bungalows enjoy a higher degree of flexibility when it comes to lift installations. This is due to the nature of their property type which often offers more space and autonomy, allowing for easier integration of lift systems. On the other hand, for terraced houses, the process may be a bit more complex. Given their shared walls and proximity to neighbouring households, homeowners may need to seek approval from their neighbours as well as from local authorities before proceeding with any plans for lift installation.

Historical buildings such as shophouses present their own unique set of challenges. These buildings often fall under strict conservation regulations due to their cultural and architectural significance. This means that any modifications, including lift installations, must be done in a way that preserves the building's original character. This can make the process of installing a lift more challenging and time-consuming.

Regardless of the property type, safety is a top priority in lift installations. That's why our products strictly adhere to the Building and Construction Authority (BCA)'s SS550-2020 guidelines. These guidelines in Singapore are comparable to safety standards in the EU or America. They require a series of tests on the lift before certification, ensuring that it meets all necessary safety standards and is safe for use.

The next consideration is where to install your lift. Our professional team will assess structural limitations and space availability, such as pit depth and floor space, to provide an optimal solution.

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What is a Platform Lift?

Now, let's delve deep into the advantages of a compact home lift. One of the most apparent benefits is space optimisation. Unlike conventional elevators, compact lifts require minimal space and can fit seamlessly into existing designs without major renovations. Platform lifts, in particular, address the requirements of vertical mobility, effectively eliminating architectural barriers in various environments. This makes them a practical and ideal choice for homes with limited space.

Additionally, the simplicity and ease of installation and maintenance make platform lifts a cost-effective solution. The overall cost of a platform lift tends to be lower compared to traditional home lifts. Equipped with standard safety features, these lifts offer customisation options to tailor safety measures according to specific usage requirements.

Now that we understand platform lifts, let's explore the cost and installation timeline.

In Singapore, the cost of a platform lift starts from $40,000. The procedure is straightforward. We begin with an initial site visit to understand your needs and assess your property. Then, based on our findings, we deliver a detailed proposal and scope of work. Once confirmed, we gather all necessary parts, tools, and equipment for the lift installation, which takes between 6 to 12 weeks. The installation process is efficient, usually completed within 2 weeks. After conducting extensive tests and receiving approval from the BCA, your lift is ready for use!

BELIFT’s PES-5800 screw-driven platform lift provides an ideal solution to overcome architectural limitations. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use without the need for masonry work, it's designed to be placed on finished floors. The pre-assembled mechanical kit and pre-wired electrical components allow for swift installation.

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The lift operates extremely quietly, probably the most silent screw-driven platform lift you can find in Singapore, producing only 48 dB of noise—equivalent to the sound of a modern refrigerator. Powered by an inverter, it provides a comfortable travel experience with soft starts and stops.

BELIFT's screw-driven lift stands out with its anti-seismic structure, ensuring maximum safety in any condition. The platform is equipped with an anti-blackout system, enabling it to descend to the first available floor in case of a power failure.

Platform Lift in Springleaf Road

springleaf road compact platform lift

To highlight the benefits of BELIFT's PES-5800 screw-driven platform lift, we'll examine our project on Springleaf Road. Here, we provided a platform lift solution from design to installation, showcasing our innovative approach. The challenge was to incorporate a curved railing that gracefully arcs towards the lift into the existing architecture. This was particularly difficult given the irregularly shaped corridors without straight, uniform lines. The task demanded creative thinking and innovative design solutions.

Installing a home lift may not be as challenging as you imagine. BELIFT's professional team and expertise in delivering tailored home lift solutions can cater to your needs. We go the extra mile by offering a variety of cabin styles and interior options, enhancing not just functionality but also aesthetics. Discover the latest interior design and elevator design trends in our blog 2024 Elevator Design Trends for Your Home Lift Singapore. Take the first step in enhancing your living space — reach out to us and start your home lift journey today!


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