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Updated: May 12

At BELIFT, we are on a mission to revolutionise vertical transportation solutions to elevate the ways in which people live, work, and play.

The genesis of BELIFT in 2020 was inspired by Benson, our visionary founder, determined to revolutionise and break free from the conventional constraints of the vertical transportation industry. By embracing innovative solutions, BELIFT's mission is to craft seamless experiences surpassing mere functionality. Our pursuit is to enhance efficiency, comfort, and safety in every vertical mobility journey.

Even though the local buyers in Singapore usually look for suppliers from Europe or the United States, BELIFT, with its strong roots in Southeast Asia, offers reliable solutions that cater to the region's specific needs.

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For developers, BELIFT stands as a trusted partner, delivering meticulously customisable and reliable lifts solutions. Whether you envision sleek glass panels for a modern lobby or energy-efficient options for eco-conscious projects, we provide solutions that seamlessly integrate with your vision.

For individual clients, we go beyond simply providing the most suitable vertical transportation solution. Our concierge services and a kaleidoscope of design finishes allow you to transform your personal space. Let your vertical journey become an exquisite expression of your unique style.

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At BELIFT, we provide a comprehensive range of services, that stretch far beyond mere supply and installation. We focus on addressing customer concerns post-installation, aiming to seamlessly integrate into an efficient ecosystem.

Since 2020, BELIFT has been consistently pursued the enhancement of reliability and the delivery of a more personalised client experience. This unwavering commitment to innovation led us to develop our own proprietary software.This technology will allow clients to remotely monitor their lifts, schedule appointments, and explore customisation options. By introducing branded software solutions, BELIFT aims to innovate and take vertical transportation services to a new level.

BELIFT is more than just an elevator company. We offer a wide array of services, from supplying and installing to maintaining and repairing, we cater to all your vertical transport needs. Surprised to learn there's more to lifts and escalators than meets the eye? Join us and let our passion for learning, creating, and pioneering reshape your understanding of vertical mobility.


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