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Choosing the Perfect Elevator for Your Home: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: May 12

Singapore's cityscapes are changing fast, and homeowners are looking for ways to make their homes suit their evolving needs. They want something that not only enhances accessibility within the home, but looks aesthetic as well. That's how we envision home lifts fitting into the design of your home. BELIFT, based in Singapore, offers a variety of home lifts with numerous finishes and customisation options. This allows you to find a lift that complements your home, regardless of its size. With BELIFT's home lift, navigate your home with greater convenience.

This guide dives into the world of home lifts, addressing common questions and showcasing the exciting possibilities for incorporating the best home lift into your home.

customised home lift singapore

Exploring types of home lifts available

When it comes to choosing the perfect home lift, there are three main options to consider, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Villa Lifts

Renowned for their smooth and quiet operation, these lifts are ideal for most landed properties. They provide a comfortable ride and are perfect for families with young children or those who prioritise a peaceful environment. They can be either traction driven or hydraulic driven. This lift type is to go-to choice if space and budget are not a concern, as a minimum of a 1.2m pit depth is required to ensure this lift travels at its quickest speed.

Platform lifts

A space-saving solution that packs a punch for accessibility. This lift type is most suitable when space is a constraint, as it only requires a 10cm pit depth for installation. Installation is quick and easy, and is ideal for existing homes that want to retrofit a lift. Of course, with this comes a lower weight capacity and a slower travel speed.

By considering both design and functionality, you can ensure your home lift seamlessly blends style and practicality into your everyday life.

Suitable locations for home lift installation

Finding the perfect spot for your home lift is crucial for maximising convenience and minimising its impact on your existing space. Here's where functionality meets design.

Installing the home lift near your existing staircase is a popular choice. Passengers on both floors can easily access the home lift, maximising a seamless transportation experience. Often, the reinforced structure around the staircase provides the ideal foundation for the home lift itself.

However, don't forget the hidden helpers! While the home lift itself takes up space, the drive equipment can be another consideration. Depending on the model you choose, you might need a dedicated room adjacent to the lift shaft to house this equipment. Factor this in when evaluating potential locations.

Ultimately, the ideal home lift location will depend on your daily routine and the general flow of your home. Do you travel frequently from the garage to the living area, the living area to bedrooms, or connecting lower levels to upper floors? By considering your traffic patterns, you will identify find a spot that provides the most convenient means of moving between floors.

The work doesn't stop after finding the perfect location. BELIFT offers a wide variety of options for customising the elevator interior and operating system to match your unique style and preferences. This is where your home lift truly becomes an extension of your design aesthetic.

customised home lift singapore

Personalising Your Home Lift

BELIFT goes beyond mere functionality. We believe your home lift should reflect your design vision. A wide range of customisation options lets you tailor the elevator walls to your liking, with choices described below.

Stainless Steel

A timeless favourite, stainless steel is highly sought-after for its durability and ease of cleaning. Its contemporary aesthetic seamlessly blends with various design styles, making it a versatile choice.

stainless steel home lift belift


If you're aiming for a sleek and modern look, glass panels are a perfect pick. They allow natural light to flood in, creating a feeling of openness and airiness within the home lift.

glass platform lift belift


Laminate offers a cost-effective and adaptable solution. Available in a wide spectrum of colours, laminate is easy to maintain and clean, making it a popular choice for busy households.

laminate home lift belift

Timber-based materials

For those seeking a touch of elegance and warmth, timber-based materials are a fantastic option. They create a classic ambience that elevates the aesthetics of your home lift. However, it's important to remember that timber requires slightly more maintenance than other materials.

timber home lift belift

The options don't stop at just material types! You can further personalise your home lift by considering colour palettes and surface textures.

You could opt for a vibrant spectrum of colours to make a bold statement, or choose calming tones for a serene atmosphere. When it comes to finishes, a matte finish offers a sleek and modern look, while a textured surface adds a touch of dimension to the lift's interior.

With a wide range of options available, you can certainly find the perfect elements to create your ideal home lift. If you're interested in further customisation, check out our blog post, "Designing Your Dream Home Lift" for inspiration. Additionally, our comprehensive home lift catalogue offers a detailed view of all the possibilities.

Investing in Comfort: Costs and Considerations

Installing the best home lift will bring undeniable convenience, but it’s important to consider the costs. Installation prices vary depending on various factors like type, size, number of floors, and customisation as well. Expect a range of $50,000 to $80,000 for home lift prices.

Factor in ongoing maintenance as well. Most companies offer a one-year warranty, after that an annual maintenance contract is recommended to ensure your home lift operates smoothly and keeps up its performance for years to come.

While initial investment for home lift prices may seem high, a home lift in Singapore is a worthwhile expense while enhancing the accessibility and comfort of your home.

Regulations and Compliance

Safety is important when it comes to home lifts. That is why our home lifts complies with Building and Construction Authority (BCA) regulations in Singapore, and currently hold the SS550-2020 compliance.

In conclusion, investing in a home lift can enhance accessibility, bring comfort to your home, and add to the value of your property. Navigate your home with ease, regardless of age or physical limitation. Take the next step towards the perfect blend of design freedom with unwavering safety and download our exclusive “Home lifts” guide.


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